Project is Hibernating (for now)

I’ve made a post on the ED Forums with details, but the short story is that due to time constraints, TARS development is suspended–for now.

As for donations, they’ve been suspended as well. However, if you donated during 2014 and want a refund, please email me using the contact form on this website and include the email address that you used to make the donation. Legacy versions of TARS will continue to be available on the site, and I am going to keep the site up.

For those of you who expressed interest in testing future versions of TARS in a closed beta environment, that offer is still open, but will happen when work resumes on the project.

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TARS for DCS: World and Flaming Cliffs 3


We are pleased to announce the release of TARS for Flaming Cliffs 3. In addition to several bug fixes and improvements, this release of TARS represents the first “out of beta” version of the product. In addition to full FC3 support, TARS is now compatible with the newly-released DCS: UH-1H Huey module and will work with the Huey’s three radios out of the box.

The Flaming Cliffs 3 mode of TARS uses those three radio frequencies you’ve been seeing in your TARS control panel. You can change them live in the control panel as you play the game. As discussed in several posts in the Eagle Dynamics forums, we will be implementing a Fraps-style overlay for further fine-tuned control of FC3, as well as future Combined Arms integration when the opportunity presents itself.

While the TARS roadmap from a few years back was altered significantly with the release of DCS: World, making the core engine more generic resulted in the opportunity to customize TARS to more than just the Digital Combat Simulator series of flight sims. We are currently exploring opportunities to integrate with other flight simulators and training software. To make this a reality, work has begun on the TARS SDK, which will provide an API for developers to integrate their product with TARS. A higher fidelity radio simulation is also in the works.

Thanks goes to everyone who made a donation to this project. It has helped keep the project alive over several years of changes to TeamSpeak 3, the DCS series of products, and the TARS engine itself.

Here’s a summary of the major changes in

  • Added UH1H Huey support.
  • Finished 3-radio FC3 support.
  • Fixed issue with A10C Guard channel not working.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash during MP aircraft switching while other players were transmitting.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash during MP aircraft switching when transmitting at a distance.
  • Fixed issue with stereo sound feature for different radios not working.

Get the new version on the Download Page.

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TARS 1.0.2b3 for DCS World

TARS 1.0.2b3 has been released. This addresses several changes with the latest version of DCS: World that were made to the way third-party export mods are integrated into the game. In addition to some changes to the file structure, you will no longer need administrator access to your DCS Program Files folder. Go to the download page as usual to get this update. TARS will not auto-install to DCS: World 1.2.3 without it.

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TARS 1.0.2b2 for DCS: World

TARS 1.0.2b2 has been released, and adds compatibility for the latest version of Teamspeak 3 (v3.0.9). Go to the download page to get it. Please test it with the latest version of Teamspeak 3.

Update: In the last 24 hours, Teamspeak has released v3.0.9.1, which is compatible as well. Feel free to update.

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TARS 1.0.2b1 for DCS: World

A testable beta for TARS for DCS: World is available on the download page. The 1.0.2b1 release is intended to vet stability issues between any combination of A-10C or Black Shark clients in the DCS: World universe. You can fly the Su-25 from World, however you will be limited to the frequencies 251.00 and 119.70 for radio 1 and radio 2, respectively. Full function of the Control Panel’s radio settings will be unlocked once we’re sure that the system is stable on the “older” DCS modules.

Please submit bug reports with logs. It will allow us to deliver a stable release encompassing P-51 and Combined Arms much faster. As it stands, there’s very little anyone can do with a bug report that doesn’t contain a log of any kind, particularly if the report isn’t detailed. Thank you.

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What’s being worked on…

Since many have asked, here is what’s going on in the TARS universe as of right now.

You can expect a version compatible with Teamspeak 3.0.6 this week, followed by a DCS World release that operates with the A-10C and KA-50. Integration with the P-51 continues, but won’t be executed in full swing until after DCS World is squared away.

Update: The DCS community seems to favor getting a release for World out soonest, so that will be the course of action taken.

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Teamspeak 3.0.5

Teamspeak 3.0.5 has been tested with the current version of TARS ( and we have not found any issues with it. Feel free to upgrade to this version of Teamspeak 3 if you are a TARS user.

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TARS 1.0.1b15 Released With Added Joystick Support

TARS 1.0.1b15 is now available for community testing. Get it on the download page.
Features include:

  • Compatibility with Teamspeak 3.0.3
  • Support for DirectInput, providing native compatibility with joysticks and gamepads. No more need to use a joystick to keyboard emulator. Internal testing was done with a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS.
  • Stereo playback for radios. Using the TARS control panel, users can configure the headphone speakers that each radio will play through.

It is advisable to uninstall your previous version of TARS before installing the latest version.

Update: We’ve received some reports from users of bugs with surround sound and random instability with Teamspeak 3, so there may be a successive number of releases in an attempt to fix these issues. Right now TARS is up to version Please consult the changelog for more information.

Update 2: seems to be stable, with only a few glitches reported by users. Keep the bug reports coming if you have them.

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Teamspeak 3.0.3 Release Compatibility

Teamspeak 3 has just released version 3.0.3. Unfortunately the new version is not compatible with the current version of TARS. The next version of TARS, due to be released shortly, will feature compatibility with Teamspeak 3.0.3. For now, TARS users should remain on Teamspeak 3.0.2.

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TARS 1.0.1b11 for Black Shark 2

TARS 1.0.1b11 is available for public testing and contains the following improvements:

  • Compatibility added for Black Shark 2, and will also work with A-10C
  • Updated to latest Teamspeak 3 API version.
  • The TARS control panel will now install against unknown versions of Teamspeak 3–it will no longer try to protect you against incompatibility. This will allow you to use the current TARS with new versions of Teamspeak 3 as they come out.

As a reminder, you must have the latest Teamspeak 3 to use this version of TARS. As of the time of this release, Teamspeak 3 is at public version 3.0.2.

Head to the download page to get the updated version.

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